Friday, May 15, 2009

A Clerk Undone Ready for Library 2.0

As a Library Clerk I hope to bring some insight to this project from a different point of view. I am excited about participating in the 23 Things group.

Coming from an Administrative Assistant background when email and the internet first hit the business world, I have seen the changes that technology can provide. If only I had been able to tap into databases, contact information, maps etc. from my computer when I worked for a group of geologists. I would have saved the countless hours I spent on the phone, sending letters and waiting for a reply only to send another letter explaining what informaiton I really needed. My ears would not have been so swollen on Friday and my projects would not have taken months to accomplish. With the dawn of technology the way we do business today is light years from the past.

I am excited to learn more about the new technology available today and how it will impact the world of education and the library.


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  2. You do make a good point that "with the dawn of technology, the way we do business today is light years from the past." This is true and the internet and web applications continue to grow at an astounding rate. I look forward to following your posts. Have fun learning!